Protect your Computer with Twistlock

Protect Your Systems With Twistlock

What Is Twistlock?
Twistlock is a complete container cyber security platform. This is a security platform That has become known as one of the industry leaders. This is a security platform that is completely automated, and it is able to give complete compliance management that is tailor-fit to protect firewalls and cloud servers. Twistlock is a cyber security platform that is able to give protection to a wide variety of applications. Twistlock uses Google cloud functions so that all applications are safe from any type of security threat.

How does Twistlock’s Cyber Security Function?
Twistlock uses a scanning system into CI/CD pipelines. Twistlock is able to access the security function of your pipeline using the pre-existing tools in your system. By using Twistlock’s interface, a server’s scanning system is able to provide security as part of publishing functions. Twistlock creates a tailor made runtime defense system that is able to protect your applications against a wide variety of security threats. Twistlock at Aquion is able to recognize the behavior of your network and images. When Twistlock recognizes any behavior that is abnormal for your network, it will prevent security threats immediately by containing and eliminating the treat. Twistlock has the capability to use its own data to separate any services that are compromised and deliver compliance policies that are able to reinforce secure configurations. Twistlock has integrated with Istio. Istio is a reliable service mesh management platform that is designed to be compliant with Kubernetes and several different microservice platforms.

What Are the Benefits of Twistlock?
Twistlock offers a platform that is automatic, integrated, compliant and precise. When it comes to integration, Twistlock has the ability to integrate with tools that are already in use in your system. This is a cyber security platform that can give container security to each phase of the SDLC. When it comes to precision, Twistlock has an intelligent stream; this is a stream that is able to deliver management that is precise and effective. Twistlock’s compliancy measures are also developed to make your environment completely audit-ready. This system is able to give granular enforcement and reporting that will transform any editing process.

Why You Should Choose TwistLock
Your customers are going to want to continuously run complex and innovative apps and platforms. Twistlock at Aquion gives your customers the ability to add additional layers of security to their systems. This is a system that can offer them a high level of security across an entire service mesh. Twistlock is able to provide a complete container security platform. Only Twistlock offers a platform that can protect all of your client’s applications against the ever-evolving barrage of cyber threats.


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