Globalscape As A Trusted Associate


Globalscape, a renowned software development company, lies where ingenuity and professionalism collide. This 22-year-old illustrious corporation serves as your company’s trusted associate, delivering files from one source to another securely, rapidly, and proficiently. Having earned the affections of over 13,000 consumers, Aquion Globalscape is a seasoned organization known worldwide. Though their headquarters reside in Texas, Globalscape serves over 13 countries. Globalscape’s ability to reach a broad audience bespeaks their far-reaching allure.

What Does Globalscape Do?
In essence, Globalscape ensures that file transfers don’t get bogged down by suspicious third-party elements that infiltrate the digital sphere. Their flagship, EFT, all but guarantees that these matters are expertly executed. In fact, Enhanced File Transferring offers a slew of benefits, and below are among a few.

  • Offers self-management alternatives
  • Delivers safe data exchange
  • Provides full transparency
  • Tracking features
  • Rapid response rates
  • Deployment options
  • Compliance regulations
  • Controls
  • Scalable results

Innovators To The Core
No doubt a revolutionary concept, Globalscape boasts an unprecedented level of ingenuity. Their pioneering roots run so deep that it’s sparked the arrival of additional avant-garde paradigms – EFT Enterprise and EFT Express. This almighty duo has given Globalscape a distinct edge, in turn making them an undeniable standout in their domain. Here’s what EFT Enterprise and Express have to offer.

  • Prompt implementation
  • Intelligible interfaces
  • Access to public and private cloud information
  • Unmatched security
  • Reliable compliance
  • Hybrid configurations
  • Multiple integrations
  • Automated workflows
  • Brief launch time
  • Folder monitor
  • Scheduled transfers

Honorable Titles
The impact Globalscape’s had on business affairs has undoubtedly invoked admiration. So much so, in fact, that they’ve been honored with various awards. Some of their most prominent titles are as follows, learn more at Aquion

  • Top Company To Work For
  • Fastest Growing Company in IT
  • Benefits Excellence Award
  • CRN Cloud Partner Award
  • Renowned Company in IT
  • Best Customer Service Finalist
  • 2016 Best Places To Work
  • Best Companies To Work For
  • One Of The World’s Largest Software Developers
  • Info Security Bronze and Gold Winner

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