Promotional Stubby Holders

The Value Of Promotional Stubby Holders

Try to view promotional products from the viewpoint of the customer. What advantage do things like promotional stubby holders have over more traditional advertising releases, such as Billboard or television ads? The first thing that might come to mind is that customers can actually USE promotional stubby holders. While television ads interrupt their daily life, promotional stubby holders simply enhance their drink and keep it safe. It’s less advertising and more usefulness. Companies struggle with ways to advertise to their customers without bothering them.

And that’s a hard thing to do for any marketing department. Advertising itself usually interrupts some facet of life. Whether it’s a commercial interrupting your favorite music, a commercial interrupting your favorite show, or a large Billboard that obstructs your view of the sky on the way to work, advertising is often viewed as cluttered and inconsiderate. With promotional stubby holders, you’re not advertising so much as you are offering someone completely free and useful.

You can hand them out at all sorts of company events, regular events, or events that your company is sponsoring. Let’s say you’re sponsoring a youth community sporting event. You want a way to connect with your customers and show them that you’re a supporter of the community. Why not hand out promotional stubby holders for parents who might be attending that game? Promotional Stubby Holders by Mr Drinkware do promote your business, but they also give parents a way to keep their drink cold during the game!

Many companies forget how much promotional products can help them in a cost-effective way. When you buy promotional stubby holders in bulk, you save hundreds or thousands of dollars off your order while at the same time giving your company a powerful advertising space to communicate information about your business. Construct logos, design from a number of colorful versions, and order in bulk to save money. By the end of it, you have an advertising strategy that feels less like advertising and more like community giveaways. Who doesn’t love a good promotional stubby holder at their events?

As more businesses turn to this model of advertising, it’s a great way to connect with customers and save money off your advertising budget at the same time. There’s no reason not to get in on this powerful formula. Millions of businesses around the world are able to capitalize on this form of promotional product advertising, and customers are always appreciative of the free gifts. Don’t think you have to spend a fortune on advertising. In reality, you can get a great group of promotional stubby holders and other promotional products together, order them in bulk, and have nearly free advertising for years to come. Every person who sees the info on those stubby holders will think of your business. Communicate any message you want to. When it comes to promotional products, the sky is the limit! Order your first batch of them today and watch your business grow over time.

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