Promotional Mugs

4 Ways to Put Promotional Mugs to Good Use

You already know that promotional materials are helpful in building brand recognition and reinforcing contacts. Among all the products you could purchase, promotional mugs are among the most practical and memorable. If you are not sure how to use them to best advantage, consider these five ideas.
Sales Calls

Calling on a prospective client for the first time requires making a positive impression. Along with presenting your goods or services in a way that speaks to the prospect’s needs, it never hurts to leave something behind with your company name and contact information behind.

Business cards are nice, but they can be tucked away in a drawer. By contrast, Mr Drinkware Promotional Mugs tend to remain out and see a lot of use. Every time your contact or someone else in the office sees the mug, that builds more familiarity and improves the chances of earning the prospect’s business.

Trade Shows

Trade show and conventions are a wonderful way to meet potential clients. Your sales literature provides them with something to read later, but why not offer giveaway items that also remind them of what you have to offer? Investing in promotional mugs provides those who stop by your exhibit with something they will use daily. The fact that your company name and contact information are on the mug makes them much more likely to take your calls in the months after the trade show.

Remember that you can order promotional mugs in bulk and keep enough in stock to cover several shows each year. Choose a design that will appeal to your target audience and will be appropriate for several different types of events. You’ll never have to wonder what sort of promotional item to take along again.

Thank You Gift

Your customers are what keeps the business going. Without them, how would you continue to operate? It pays to thank them for their ongoing loyalty from time to time. You can use promotional mugs for this purpose.

Think of what it would mean to receive a a set of promotional mugs through the post or by private courier. Those mugs can be accompanied with handwritten notes from your customer support team members who interact with the client regularly. Little unexpected touches like these create stronger ties and make it harder for the competition to lure your clients away.

Holiday Gifts

Doing something special for your clients is always a nice gesture. Consider sending out promotional mugs filled with candies and wrapped in festive paper. Include a nice bow to secure the wrapping and ensure the candy does not spill out. Remember to add a card with signatures for a more personal touch. Along with your signature, have other employees who interact with the customer regularly sign the card. You can hand deliver the boxed promotional mugs to local customers and use the post to deliver the gifts to clients who live outside the immediate area.

These are only a few of the ways you can make promotional mugs work for you. Brainstorm with your staff and see what ideas come to the fore. You may be surprised at how much of an impact they make for such a small investment.

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