Promotional Drink Bottles

Pairing Beverages With Promotional Drink Bottles

Different kinds of drinks require different kinds of beverages to really taste good. For example, a glass of beer works best with a glass that has enough room for the beer’s foamy head. A glass of wine may be better when poured into a glass that has enough of a wide neck so that each note in the wine can be easily savored. Such ideas should be kept firmly in mind for those who are planning a promotion using promotional drink bottles. Promotional drink bottles, just like other kinds of bottles, come in varied sizes, heights and thicknesses. They also have different types of handles just like standard types of bottles. If a company official is attending an event where drinks will be served, it helps to make sure the promotional drink bottles are ideal for the type of beverage being served at the event.

Drinking Beer

Beer is commonly served at many events. A glass of beer can be served in many ways. Many people like having beer bottles that are easy to carry and set down. When thinking about promotional drink bottles for the event, it’s a good idea to have bottles that are easy for people to carry with them as they walk away from your booth. Look for promotional drink bottles that allow enough room at the top for the person drinking it to drink the beer easily. People don’t want to have promotional glass bottles that will easily spill when they drinking a glass of beer.

Types of Wine

Wine is another beverage that is commonly served at many kinds of events. In general, wine can be divided into red wine and white wine. When bringing promotional drink bottles to an event where there will be wine, think about bringing more than one kind of bottle. Many people prefer to have a choice of bottles with them when they looking for a glass of wine to drink. A bottle that has a longer neck is something that many people look for when looking for a bottle to take with them as they drink.
Other Beverages

Custom Promotional Drink Bottles by Mr Drinkware are also often paired with other types of beverages. Many events offer varied non-alcoholic beverages such as water and fruit juice for people who are attending a promotional event. A cold glass of water is ideal on a very warm day. It’s also a good thing to serve on days when there’s lots of humidity in the air. Another popular choice of beverage is that of fruit juices. Fruit juices offer lots of different flavors that many people enjoy drinking. If you are going to an event where water or juice will be served, you want to bring the right bottles with you. If the event is going on for a few hours on a hot day or a very sultry evening, you want to hand out bottles that people can use all day long as they attend and enjoy the event.

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