470 Org

Sail Melbourne Approaching

Australia’s largest dinghy regatta will once again be held at Sandringham Yacht Club from the 1st to the 8th of December. The event includes all the Olympic as well as other invited classes, with Australia’s top 470 sailors as well as a few internationals set to compete against each other not only for the regatta itself, but as part of the cumulative points that go towards determining the outcome of the ISAF World Cup.

Sail Melbourne also presents itself as another important milestone opportunity for Mat Belcher, who hasn’t lost a regatta since coming second at Sail Melbourne in 2011. If Mat and Will win this time, it will be Mat’s eighteenth straight regatta win, and he will have been undefeated for two years.

Marketing Glory of Stubby Holders

Promotional Stubby Holders and Marketing Glory

Are you interested in promotional stubby holders? If you are, then you have a lot in common with many other ambitious professionals out there. Promotional products have been becoming more and more commonplace in recent years. Companies of all kinds are turning to promotional stubby holders to market themselves. They’ve turning to all sorts of promotional products in general. Common categories include everything from promotional keychains to promotional T-shirts and beyond.

People love receiving promotional stubby holders for a range of reasons. Promotional Stubby Holders by Mr Drinkware, first and foremost, are 100 percent free. They’re just like all other kinds of promotional items in that respect. Who can say no to a free item that offers a convenient function, anyway? Promotional stubby holders can help maintain beer stubbies and cans that feel nice and cool. If you adore gulping refreshingly cold beers on scorching hot days, then promotional stubby holders can make your life a lot easier. Stubby holders offer insulation benefits that are unsurpassed. They’re commonly seen at concerts, lounges, parties and sporting events. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of football, rock music or social gatherings in general. Receiving a stubby holder for free may just make you smile.

Businesses frequently turn to promotional stubby holders to craft their public images. Stubby holders contribute to a vibe that’s laidback, casual and easygoing. Members of the general public regularly associate stubby holders with positive and pleasant experiences. They see people holding stubby holders when they’re at their most relaxed. They see people holding them when they’re having the times of their lives. Businesses naturally want their target audience members to link them to experiences that are positive. Stubby holders can be effective promotional items for clothing retailers that want to come across as being carefree and fun. They can be strong promotional items for grocery stores that want their customer bases to feel confident and happy, too.

People can easily find reliable companies that make promotional products. If you’re looking specifically for a company that offers stubby holders, you don’t have to feel any concern. There are many widely known businesses that focus on stubby holders of all types. Strong communication is essential for businesses that are looking to produce stubby holders that are good fits for their needs. You need to be able to eloquently and clearly communicate your design preferences to employees who work at these firms. If your stubby holder doesn’t live up to your expectations, it may not be a big success.

Creating and distributing stubby holders for promotional purposes doesn’t have to be a hefty financial commitment. There are a good amount of companies that are known for inexpensive and reasonable rates. If you’re focused, you should be able to find many of them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to other people who work for businesses, either. They may be aware of various promotional product companies that can help you out. If you work hard and stay on top of things, you should be A-OK.

Promotional Drink Bottles

Pairing Beverages With Promotional Drink Bottles

Different kinds of drinks require different kinds of beverages to really taste good. For example, a glass of beer works best with a glass that has enough room for the beer’s foamy head. A glass of wine may be better when poured into a glass that has enough of a wide neck so that each note in the wine can be easily savored. Such ideas should be kept firmly in mind for those who are planning a promotion using promotional drink bottles. Promotional drink bottles, just like other kinds of bottles, come in varied sizes, heights and thicknesses. They also have different types of handles just like standard types of bottles. If a company official is attending an event where drinks will be served, it helps to make sure the promotional drink bottles are ideal for the type of beverage being served at the event.

Drinking Beer

Beer is commonly served at many events. A glass of beer can be served in many ways. Many people like having beer bottles that are easy to carry and set down. When thinking about promotional drink bottles for the event, it’s a good idea to have bottles that are easy for people to carry with them as they walk away from your booth. Look for promotional drink bottles that allow enough room at the top for the person drinking it to drink the beer easily. People don’t want to have promotional glass bottles that will easily spill when they drinking a glass of beer.

Types of Wine

Wine is another beverage that is commonly served at many kinds of events. In general, wine can be divided into red wine and white wine. When bringing promotional drink bottles to an event where there will be wine, think about bringing more than one kind of bottle. Many people prefer to have a choice of bottles with them when they looking for a glass of wine to drink. A bottle that has a longer neck is something that many people look for when looking for a bottle to take with them as they drink.
Other Beverages

Custom Promotional Drink Bottles by Mr Drinkware are also often paired with other types of beverages. Many events offer varied non-alcoholic beverages such as water and fruit juice for people who are attending a promotional event. A cold glass of water is ideal on a very warm day. It’s also a good thing to serve on days when there’s lots of humidity in the air. Another popular choice of beverage is that of fruit juices. Fruit juices offer lots of different flavors that many people enjoy drinking. If you are going to an event where water or juice will be served, you want to bring the right bottles with you. If the event is going on for a few hours on a hot day or a very sultry evening, you want to hand out bottles that people can use all day long as they attend and enjoy the event.

Promotional Glassware

Use Beautiful Promotional Glass to Enhance Your Business Image

Today, enterprises around the world search for ways to make their services stand out to customers. The rapid development of the Internet during the past quarter of a century has created fierce competition in some industries. While many firms concentrate on expanding their online presence, it remains important for companies with a strong brick-and-mortar service to remain alert to cost-effective advertising measures they can take within the local community, too.

One very lovely solution involves investing in attractive promotional glass. This business expense may more than pay for itself over the course of months and years. Consider three strategies you can use to enhance your firm’s image by this means:

Embellish Your Premises With Stylish Glass

Enhancing your office and service locations with the generous use of promotional glass can boost your organization’s name recognition on the local level significantly. This form of eye-catching display harnesses a common, widely-utilized asset (glass doors, windows and glass panels) to alert members of the public to your company name, logo and key activities. Instead of paying for short-term online or print ads to communicate with prospective customers, why not disseminate a semi-permanent message instead? You’ll ensure the promotional glass you deploy today remains working for you on a 24/7/365 basis throughout the year.

Develop a Creative Revenue Stream

Some firms utilize Promotional Wine Glass by Mr Drinkware in a variety of creative contexts. For example, if your company maintains an office building, you might consider allowing other firms to use portions of the glass in some locations for their own advertising purposes. This form of sub-leasing could return a dependable revenue stream. Additionally, by maintaining an inclusive approach to the use of glass surfaces in this way, you’ll likely lend greater visual interest to otherwise underutilized commercial space.

Delight Customers By Employing Promotional Glass Creatively

Yet a third approach offers a direct way to nurture and help maintain your business relationship with valued customers, industry peers and vendors. Today, the promotional gifts industry offers a wide array of useful hand held items which companies can offer as gifts (or even as for-sale logoed items). From desktop plaques and penholder sets, to planters, inexpensive calculators and beverage containers, many opportunities exist to employ attractive promotional glass displays within these types of gifts. Utilizing promotional glass on a small scale may ultimately generate significant impacts.

The Bottom Line: Use Glass Surfaces Creatively

Regardless of the strategy you employ to share your enterprise’s unique features with the local community, using promotional glass supplies a wonderful way to spread your message. The beauty of glass surfaces holds universal appeal. Don’t overlook this appealing venue for displaying your brand!

Promotional Stubby Holders

The Value Of Promotional Stubby Holders

Try to view promotional products from the viewpoint of the customer. What advantage do things like promotional stubby holders have over more traditional advertising releases, such as Billboard or television ads? The first thing that might come to mind is that customers can actually USE promotional stubby holders. While television ads interrupt their daily life, promotional stubby holders simply enhance their drink and keep it safe. It’s less advertising and more usefulness. Companies struggle with ways to advertise to their customers without bothering them.

And that’s a hard thing to do for any marketing department. Advertising itself usually interrupts some facet of life. Whether it’s a commercial interrupting your favorite music, a commercial interrupting your favorite show, or a large Billboard that obstructs your view of the sky on the way to work, advertising is often viewed as cluttered and inconsiderate. With promotional stubby holders, you’re not advertising so much as you are offering someone completely free and useful.

You can hand them out at all sorts of company events, regular events, or events that your company is sponsoring. Let’s say you’re sponsoring a youth community sporting event. You want a way to connect with your customers and show them that you’re a supporter of the community. Why not hand out promotional stubby holders for parents who might be attending that game? Promotional Stubby Holders by Mr Drinkware do promote your business, but they also give parents a way to keep their drink cold during the game!

Many companies forget how much promotional products can help them in a cost-effective way. When you buy promotional stubby holders in bulk, you save hundreds or thousands of dollars off your order while at the same time giving your company a powerful advertising space to communicate information about your business. Construct logos, design from a number of colorful versions, and order in bulk to save money. By the end of it, you have an advertising strategy that feels less like advertising and more like community giveaways. Who doesn’t love a good promotional stubby holder at their events?

As more businesses turn to this model of advertising, it’s a great way to connect with customers and save money off your advertising budget at the same time. There’s no reason not to get in on this powerful formula. Millions of businesses around the world are able to capitalize on this form of promotional product advertising, and customers are always appreciative of the free gifts. Don’t think you have to spend a fortune on advertising. In reality, you can get a great group of promotional stubby holders and other promotional products together, order them in bulk, and have nearly free advertising for years to come. Every person who sees the info on those stubby holders will think of your business. Communicate any message you want to. When it comes to promotional products, the sky is the limit! Order your first batch of them today and watch your business grow over time.

Promotional Mugs

4 Ways to Put Promotional Mugs to Good Use

You already know that promotional materials are helpful in building brand recognition and reinforcing contacts. Among all the products you could purchase, promotional mugs are among the most practical and memorable. If you are not sure how to use them to best advantage, consider these five ideas.
Sales Calls

Calling on a prospective client for the first time requires making a positive impression. Along with presenting your goods or services in a way that speaks to the prospect’s needs, it never hurts to leave something behind with your company name and contact information behind.

Business cards are nice, but they can be tucked away in a drawer. By contrast, Mr Drinkware Promotional Mugs tend to remain out and see a lot of use. Every time your contact or someone else in the office sees the mug, that builds more familiarity and improves the chances of earning the prospect’s business.

Trade Shows

Trade show and conventions are a wonderful way to meet potential clients. Your sales literature provides them with something to read later, but why not offer giveaway items that also remind them of what you have to offer? Investing in promotional mugs provides those who stop by your exhibit with something they will use daily. The fact that your company name and contact information are on the mug makes them much more likely to take your calls in the months after the trade show.

Remember that you can order promotional mugs in bulk and keep enough in stock to cover several shows each year. Choose a design that will appeal to your target audience and will be appropriate for several different types of events. You’ll never have to wonder what sort of promotional item to take along again.

Thank You Gift

Your customers are what keeps the business going. Without them, how would you continue to operate? It pays to thank them for their ongoing loyalty from time to time. You can use promotional mugs for this purpose.

Think of what it would mean to receive a a set of promotional mugs through the post or by private courier. Those mugs can be accompanied with handwritten notes from your customer support team members who interact with the client regularly. Little unexpected touches like these create stronger ties and make it harder for the competition to lure your clients away.

Holiday Gifts

Doing something special for your clients is always a nice gesture. Consider sending out promotional mugs filled with candies and wrapped in festive paper. Include a nice bow to secure the wrapping and ensure the candy does not spill out. Remember to add a card with signatures for a more personal touch. Along with your signature, have other employees who interact with the customer regularly sign the card. You can hand deliver the boxed promotional mugs to local customers and use the post to deliver the gifts to clients who live outside the immediate area.

These are only a few of the ways you can make promotional mugs work for you. Brainstorm with your staff and see what ideas come to the fore. You may be surprised at how much of an impact they make for such a small investment.